Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Wednesday with Words - Liturgy & Traditions

I've been thinking about Liturgy so I'll add my voice to a number of others (I think Cindy at Ordo Amoris was the first person I'd heard recommend this) and say how much I enjoyed Jenny Rallens talk about this.

I've also been thinking about Traditions and I started re-reading a book I half read years ago, Treasuring God in our Traditions by Noel Piper, and thought it dovetailed well with the talk.

Tradition: Latin, traditio, from trado, to deliver. 
The transmission of any opinions, or practice from forefathers to descendants by oral communication, without written memorials; that which is handed down from age to age by oral communication.

"I thought about our meagre Christmas traditions. I tried to see them thought the eyes of a curious toddler...I mentally supplied the question he wouldn't even know yet to ask: "Why candles?"
"Why?" I realised that was a question I was going to have to answer from now on, not just for Christmas traditions that particular year, but for all years and every day..."

Referring to Exodus 12:26-27, the author continues:

"Moses assumes children will ask why. And he instructs parents to give an answer that speaks of reality. This instruction is all in the context of laying out for children ceremonies that will portray the answer.

Now although we cannot bequeath God to our children, we can help them know Him and understand Him in ways that prepare them to believe in His Name. "Everyday" and "especially" traditions in a family are an important part of that teaching, of picturing who God is and what He's done in our home and the world. Traditions are a vital way of displaying our greatest treasure, of showing what -Who- is most important to us."
The book is available as a free download here.


Lisa said...

"Traditions are a vital way of displaying our greatest treasure, of showing what -Who- is most important to us."

So true. I think I will have to add this book to my reading list. :)

Cindy Rollins said...

A free book on tradition!! I just love how generous the Piper's are with their work. Also it is fun to be sharing the same AHA things with others.

Brandy Vencel said...

I always forget this book! I downloaded it, but didn't have a Kindle at the time, so it is stuck on my desktop, which means I only read part. Thank you for the reminder...and the wonderful quotes, of course.