Sunday, 7 September 2014

Handicrafts: A Simple 15 Minute Sewing Project

A needle-book   (used to store sewing needles & keep them from rusting)

This project only took about 15 minutes for my daughter to do.

You will need:
3 pieces of felt 10cm (4" square) we just used some scraps we had or you could use one 23cm (9") square; some embroidery cotton; scissors; pins; large needle; tracing paper/baking paper; pencil or felt pen.

1) Trace over the shell shape (see further down) using tracing paper/baking paper & felt pen and then cut out the shape.

 2) Lay the pattern on the felt & pin it on.

3) Cut the material roughly around the pattern and then cut carefully round  following the shell shape.

4) Remove pins, cut out 2 more shell shapes & lay the 3 shapes on top of one another.

5) Sew the shapes together at the base of the shell using a whip stitch, making sure the stitches go through all three of the shapes & tuck in the end of the thread to finish.


6) Now put your needles in the needle-book.


Amy Maze said...

What a great idea! I've been thinking about handicrafts more these days. My daughter saw me braiding some yarn the other day and wanted to learn, so I taught her. Now she can't get enough =) That tells me that she's ready for some real, useful projects. Thanks for sharing all your ideas!

elza smith 343 said...
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