Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Giveaway! Grammarland & Click Go the Shears

Grammarland by M.L. Nesbitt is an allegorical & pictorial introduction to the parts of speech. Best for ages 10 and up.

Click go the Shears is a traditional Australian bush ballad that had been passed down by word of mouth and so has a number of variations. This blog gives some history of the song.
The book below is illustrated by Robert Ingpen, who just has a way of capturing the heart of whatever he has painted. I love his artwork.

Attendees of the Mum Heart Conference at Newcastle in June are eligible to enter to win either book. Leave a comment here and/or on Journey & Destination's Facebook page.


Linda H said...

Grammarland looks interesting! I love Click go the Shears, we always made up silly verses to the tune as kids.

Kathleen Lawler said...

Grammarlamd looks interesting. Is it something you use along side CM's grammar book? Booked my sessions in yesterday, very excited!

Carol said...

I've used it on its own. 17 Chapters - dd read a chapter & narrated then I gave her some free worksheets that a homeschooling mum put together: http://dontneednoeducation.blogspot.com.au/2010/01/grammar-land-worksheets.html
I used CM's grammar book about 15 yrs ago but have to say that I didn't like it...