Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Mum Heart Conference - Final Giveaways!

Patricia St. John has been called 'a poet of forgiveness,' and her books have been beloved by generations of children all over the world. These books make wonderful family read alouds and every one of the author's books focus on the Gospel message in a clear, non-preachy and realistic way. I first read her books as an adult and cried through quite a few of them. Nothing Else Matters is written to an older audience than the other two & I wrote about that book here.
The books below are the older non-revised editions - I don't understand why her books have been revised -maybe it's just code for dumbed down. Anyhow the older editions are getting hard to find but I have doubles of these titles for anyone who's going to the Mum Heart Conference at Newcastle next month. Let me know if you'd like any of these titles & leave a comment here or on my Facebook page. I'll be announcing winners of the books I've posted this month the week before the Conference and give them to the winners while I'm there.

The Wizard of Jenolan by Nuri Mass

Originally published in 1946, this book was forgotten for many years. In 1991, a young girl went on a school excursion to the Jenolan Caves and on her return home she told her father (advertising Creative Director, Harold Hughes) all about her wonderful adventures and he remembered the book he'd read when he was a child. He began to tell his daughter about Thel and her adventures but couldn't remember the whole story and was surprised that the book had been allowed to disappear. So he contacted the State Library, found the author Nuri Mass and she agreed to rewrite the story of Thel. This book was the result and was published in 1993.
A good book to read before visiting the Jenolan Caves. Nuri Mass has an old earth perspective & that's reflected in this book. Suitable as a read aloud for about ages 8 and up.

Bushland Stories by Amy Eleanor Mack

Published in 1925, this book, although old and discoloured on the outside, is very readable inside. There are 18 chapters, each containing an individual story. 248 pages all up. I used some of the stories in Year 3 for Natural History with my nine year old.


Kathleen Lawler said...

Ohhh! How can i have never read Patricia St John, I will be keeping an eye out for them. We recently got Wizards of Jenolan and are loving it. My youngest is 4 and has a deep love of caves and small dark spaces,this is bringing more magic to his love.
Amy Macks bush stories is super high on my list to buy this year, i found bush songs at a book sale a few months ago though. Looking forward to meeting you in a few weeks :)

Linda H said...

We have a stack of Patricia St Kphn stories I picked up on a homeschool selling site. We've only read Treasures of the Snow so far but loved it. So beautiful... Bishkand Stories and the Nuri Mass book look great (we love Wonderland of Nature).

Linda H said...

Argh to my typos!!!

Carol said...

That's neat about your 4 year old, Kathleen. When I put age recommendations it's an indiction of the age I think the book might appeal to, or might fit in with a course of study, but I've often been surprised at the interest shown by the younger ones, too.

Carol said...

Ha! My text messages are the worst!

Amy Marie said...

I plan on reading Tanglewood Tales in the autumn to my children, Carol. We really enjoyed Treasures of the Snow. One of my children felt like it was ? a bit preachy, but overall we really like her writing. It's so nice you are doing this for your conference - has it happened yet? I hope it goes VERY well! :)

Carol said...

I haven't read a lot of her books for years, except for 'Nothing Else Matters.'It was set in Lebanon during their civil war & there aren't many books about that for children.
The conference is on the 3-4th June, so coming up soon. Looking forward to it as the last one was excellent.