Graduating from Homeschool

As of the middle of 2014, the eldest five of our seven children have graduated from homeschool.
Four completed a Year 12 equivalent; three of those went to university; one is in the middle of a four year cadetship & studying for an Advanced Diploma of Electrical Engineering Technology; the youngest of the five completed a year 10 equivalent and is in his first year of a Plumbing Apprenticeship.

Educational pathways & institutions change so my advice is to do your homework & not just rely on what you've heard or what the experience of others has been.
Every university/college has different criteria and if you have a student who has their heart set on a particular course at a particular university, make sure you are familiar with their pre-requisites - these vary even within the same university for different courses.
One thing to be aware of is that many students who go through the school system and do well in their HSC (Australian year 12 final exams) don't get into the courses or universities of their choice. There is more competition for some courses than for others and getting a good score doesn't always guarantee a place in the course you want.
Sometimes that can be a blessing in disguise.

These are a few posts I've written about our journey:
A Year 10 equivalent - scroll down the page to see how we structured the certificate.

Preparing Homeschoolers for University/College Writing - I asked my daughter, Zana to write this as she tutored 1st & 2nd year students while she was doing her degree.

Homeschool to Higher Education - it works even if you don't have a formal year 12 certificate. This is what we did for university entry.

Reflections from a Homeschool Graduate -Zana, second daughter, third child, wrote this when she was 19. She's just turned 22 years of age and this week entered the classroom as a qualified Primary School teacher. This year she will be teaching Grade 6. She is ridiculously organised so don't take too much notice of her comments on her mother's lack of organisation!!
I think I need to get her to update her post now that she is actually teaching...


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