About Me

It was two years ago (April 2012) that I put up my first post on this blog.
I haven't shared much of my personal life over that time but I thought I might use this opportunity to let my readers know a bit more about me.

Things for which I am legendary:

* my muffins and carob balls
* driving around Australia, mostly on my own
* travelling alone around India by train
* tea consumption - I haven't met anyone yet who could out drink me
* getting lost
* diverse dramas and incidents in cars

Some things I've experienced when driving:

* losing a wheel while driving in the middle of the Northern Territory
* running into a petrol bowser in my dad's brand new car
* crashing into the car in front of me in peak hour traffic and instead of hitting the brake, planting my foot on the accelerator and hitting it again (so embarrassing).
*  backing down our driveway and running into the postie's motorbike
* unsuccessfully trying to change a tyre and finding out later I was trying to remove the wheel rim, not the hubcap
* running out of petrol in the middle of outback Queensland
* getting stuck in the biggest snowfall (totally unexpected) in about 180 years in inland northern NSW as I was driving from QLD to Sydney wearing a dress and a pair of sandals
* doing a 3 point turn on a steep drive & pulling what I thought was the handbrake & ending up flat on my back desperately trying to reach the brake pedal
* breaking down in pitch darkness in country Tasmania, getting out of the car and disappearing completely into a trench workmen had dug next to the road

A bit about my journey into marriage & family life:

First I said I wasn't going to get married, but I did.
Then I said I definitely wasn't going to have children - famous last words. God told my husband not to worry,  He'd sort me out. And He did.
I've had 11 pregnancies and we have 7 wonderful children that made it to full term.
I've had to have a cervical suture for each pregnancy that went over 13 weeks.
We've always homeschooled our children and the 4 eldest have now graduated without going into the school system; 2 were married during the last 5 months.

My philosophy of Home Education

Eric Liddell said that he felt God's pleasure when he ran. I feel God's pleasure as I teach my children, not just about spiritual things but about History & Music, Poetry & Maths, Science & Writing and Life.
If I ever thought that teaching my children wasn't bringing Him pleasure I don't think I'd want to be doing it.


Silvia said...

Carol.... ha ha ha.... how fun what you share. It is a miracle you are alive! (I drink lots of tea, and get lost all the time too, but my car adventures are nothing compared to your real ones). And India by train... what a wish that would be!

I agree with every word you wrote in your philosophy of education.

Amy Marigold said...

Feeling God's pleasure when you teach your children - oh yes! :)

Sharon Henning said...

Hi Carol. I've been scrolling through your blog. I see we like to read a lot of the same things. I look forward to reading future posts.

Your testimony about homeschooling is wonderful. Love (!) the Eric Liddell quote. He is a great inspiration to me.

I don't know if I could outdo you in tea, although I drink gallons of it, but, being American, I might give you a run for your money with coffee. I love my coffee and am quite snobbish about the quality of it. I see you've had to lay off a little. A couple of cases of colitis have curbed my licentious caffeine drinking, though I still drink a couple of cups a day.

And finally, I wish, I wish, I wish, I could drive cross country around Australia. Well, I'd be happy just to visit Australia.

Take care and God bless!

Carol said...

Everyone I know who has travelled overseas has said that Australians make the best coffee, so there's at least one good reason for you to visit. I love the wide openness, the red dirt and the clear blue skies of outback Australia. You can stand and look to the horizon and see just about nothing but it has a unique beauty. Enjoyed reading your blog & added it to Blogger.

Sharon Henning said...

I did not know this about Australian coffee. Yet another enticement to visit.

Jeannette said...

What a fun way you have shared about yourself. Thank you!

Carol said...

Thank you 🙂