Sunday, 15 February 2015

Science & Natural History with a 15 Year old

A few pages from Bengy's Science Notebook. For the past few months he has been concentrating on physical science. An ongoing project at present is a daily weather record:

Natural History using William Gillies' book, Insect Life in Australasia. The Emperor Gum Moth, which is also known as the Australian Silk Worm:

Excellent information here at Museum Victoria:

Many people contact us noting that they don’t see EGM caterpillars anymore, as they did when climbing trees as a kid. Which prompts a question in return: "When did you last climb a tree?"


  1. Thanks for sharing these pages, Carol. I find it very helpful to see examples of actual notebooks. :-)

  2. That is funny...I can not climb trees but spend plenty of time sitting under them while the kids do...from the number of "friends" I fish out of my coffee cup I would agree there are still lots of insects to be found...just outside! I looked up your moth wow those are lovely.

  3. Fabulous comprehensive drawings.

  4. Very nice work! I learned quite a bit just looking at his drawings. :)

  5. I love the detail of the drawings! Thank you for sharing. :-)

  6. I really enjoyed looking at the pages! I think my 15yo would retain a lot more if we did something like this (together).

    1. My 15 yr old doesn't like drawing but I get him to do it because it demonstrates to me that he knows his stuff and it does help him retain what he's learnt. I like your wolf picture!