Handicrafts: colourful coasters

What You Need:

3 sheets of thin cork (packs of 15 available from Riot craft stores)
Thick white paper (such as a page from an art journal - not printer paper as it's too thin)
Glue (stick glue is fine)
A black waterproof marker
Matte/Gloss Mod Podge (I think we ordered ours from here. Expensive but goes a long way)
Paint brush for Mod Podge
Waterproof stamp pads

What You Do:

  • Stick the 3 pieces of cork on top of each other (the cork from Riot has peel-off adhesive backing) 
  • Put a circular object on the cork and trace around it, and then do the same on a piece of paper (Both circles should be the same size)   
  • Cut out the circle on the cardboard and paper
  • Glue the paper to the cork
  •  Using a waterproof marker, draw or stencil a pattern onto the paper, then leave till fully dry.

Cover the paper with Mod Podge (waterproofs & seals), and leave to dry.

Rub stamp pads onto the paper to add colour

Do another 1-2 coats of Mod Podge & let dry thoroughly before use

We use these stamp pads for all sorts of projects:

Mod Podge is also avaiable at Spotlight here in Australia

Moozle hunting up craft supplies...


Ruthiella said…
So pretty! This is a great project for younger kids since they can decorate the coasters as freely as their imagination can run! And maybe at the same time learn the importance of using a coaster! :)
Brian Joseph said…
Coasters are a very neat thing to make. I tend to use a lot of coasters around my house. Making is much better then buying.
That's a great project. My mind is running in all kinds of playful/useful directions for variations on this theme.
Carol said…
Hi Ruthiella, yes - also the reason why I encouraged them to make bookmarks!
Carol said…
Hi Brian, we’ve been given sets of coasters at different times but we’ve always preferred the homemade article.
Carol said…
Hi Anne, lots of variations for kids who like to create.