Tuesday, 15 December 2020

Nature Study in Australia: The Christmas Bush & a Lakeside Holiday

Christmas Bush (Ceratopetalum gummiferum) - is an Australian native that flowers in spring. It's not the petals or 'flowers' that stand out, though. This native bush or small tree is unique in that its sepals turn a brilliant red colour after flowering. Just in time for Christmas, hence the name, Christmas bush. I took some photos at different stages over the space of about a month. A couple are magnified to better show the flowers, which are quite small.

Magnified photo of the flowers

They are quite delicate and from a distance look bushy, like the first photo I posted above

A non-magnified view

And the sepals put on their show in summer

Our pre-Christmas lakeside holiday. We took the opportunity to have an extended family holiday while everyone could get time off work etc. 16 of us & it was great.

The going down of the sun

A jog along the beach - there are magnificent beaches all around Australia & lots of empty space to enjoy

Motor boat rides and kayaking - we took our two grandchildren out on the boat. I went in the double kayak with my daughter-in-law who is 8 months pregnant & very fit! She did the steering...I also went out with my daughter, who is very swim fit & kept telling me to put a bit more effort into my paddling!  I didn't do too badly with the jogging along the beach - my son was a bit more diplomatic and told me not to worry about keeping up with him.


Brona said...

I do love our Christmas bush so much. I tried growing one in a pot a few years, but it wasn’t happy.

Carol said...

You were probably being too kind to it, Brona. We have them all over our block & they seem to do well with neglect. 😊

mudpuddle said...

splendid pictures; looks like a great place to relax! i just learned recently that mistletoe leaves turn gold after they're picked (from Howling Frog: her post on The Golden Bough...)

Brian Joseph said...

It looks like you had a nice trip. Your pictures are great.

Here in Southern New York winter is beginning to set in. It is getting snowy and cold.

Sharon Wilfong said...

What lovely photos! So strange to think of people on Christmas holiday in beach weather. Even in Texas is is cold and rainy. Thanks for sharing your holiday.

I suppose Santa comes in shorts and flip flops and a surf board.

Carol said...

Thanks, Mudpuddle. It was a splendid place to relax! We have a type of mistletoe here that is native and koalas, sugargliders & possums feed on them as well as birds & insects.

Carol said...

Hi Brian, it was a great trip & not too far away which was a plus.

Carol said...

Hi Sharon, 'I'm dreaming of a white Christmas???' It will remain a dream here. I suppose Florida is the closest you'd get to a Southern Hemisphere Christmas climate.

Cleo said...

Such lovely photos to see when it's temperate and rainy here. We're not as cold as usually but oh, the rain! Ugh!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Oh, and thanks for the poem. I knew it once but had forgotten it and it was uplifting to rediscover it!

Carol said...

Hi Cleo, well since I posted we've had rain aplenty and it's been humid as well. Not very pleasant. Have a great Christmas, too. X

Erin said...

What a precious time! xx How did you go finding a house large enough for 16? it's always a challenge I find

Carol said...

Hi Erin,

Yes, it is a challenge. We found this one on air BnB and it was very spacious with 8 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms with 2 extra loos. I think it depends on where you're looking. We didn't have the choice of Air BnB when all our kids were younger so we mostly stayed with family until we had some older ones who could keep an eye on the younger if we had to separate!
Hope you have a lovely Christmas. We were heading up your way just after Christmas to see family but of course that's not happening now. X