Wednesday 13 August 2014

Ambleside Online Years 3 & 9 - Jacobite Folksongs

In the third term of AO Year 3 Our Island Story covers some Jacobite history. We've been listening to the song below, Ye Jacobites, which was re-written from the original by Robert Burns in 1791.
At first look it seems Robert Burns was anti-Jacobite but I've read a few opinions about whether or not this was the truth. This blog has an interesting perspective.

Here is an audio of the song plus the words written by Burns and the original version.

The Massacre of Glencoe, which occurred in 1692, is covered in Our Island Story. I use the song below (sung by Alastair McDonald) for older children as it also fits in Term 1 of AO Year 9, but have a look at the words here to check its suitability.

Oops, my apologies. Just realised I didn't include it here when I first posted but I can't get it to load now. It's here and it's the one we like best:

Another version is this one but it's not a great video and there are a few misspelled words:

The Jacobite Heritage is a good place to browse if you're interested in anything to do with the Jacobites.


Anonymous said...

I probably have asked you this before, Carol, but considering my particular Y3 student, I'm having trouble deciding what she reads/listens to on her own or what I read with her (which is alot)? Also in regards to copywork when are they ready to pick their own? Lots of thinking. We are beginning with very small steps. Not into the full swing yet but working our way in. Your daughter did an awesome job with her narrations. So creative and amazing! Love, Betty

Anonymous said...

I commented with the Y3 narration post in mind too! Sorry about that! Betty

Carol said...

No problems, Betty! Did you mean which AO year 3 books she should read or will she be going into year 4? I choose the copywork generally - often poetry or a line or two from a hymn.