Monday, 27 February 2017

Notebooks in a Charlotte Mason Education - Year 6

Moon Jelly Aurelia aurita - common ocean animal often washed up on beaches. There's a video about them here.

Science Notebook 

This year Moozle has recorded experiments from some of her science books e.g. Archimedes and the Door of Science; The Sea Around Us; The Elements and The Mystery of the Periodic Table. The experiment below was one she watched via video on the Periodic Table:

Archimedes and the Door of Science

 The Sea Around Us

We had a severe storm with large hailstones about a week ago so we did a study on what causes hail and watched the short video below which explains it reasonably well. The hailstones were the largest we've experienced and made a tremendous racket as they hit the roof. They were about the size of eggs and we ended up with a smashed skylight and damaged pergola.

Nature Notebook

We've been using this series of videos on basic water colour techniques by John Muir and also some by Alphonso Dunn on using ink & watercolours to get some direction and help in this area. Moozle has also been inspired by the watercolouring in A Country Diary of an Edwardian Woman. I wrote a little about that here.

The Portuguese Man O' War or Bluebottle was mentioned in the fourth chapter of The Sea Around Us and around the same time as we were reading through that chapter, we went to the beach and there were heaps of them washed up on the sand. Moozle managed to get stung twice but fortunately, the bluebottles we get here are not the tropical nasties. The stings hurt but what hurt more was the bull ant bite she got a few days later out the back! I know because I got one on the under part of my foot and it was awful!
For an introductory video on recognising bluebottles and treating their sting see here. A marine-stinger fact sheet is here.

The Portuguese Man O' War is an interesting creature. It's not a true jellyfish but a colony of four different types of animals. My nature journal entry:

Bull Ant

We started a tree study earlier this month. So, of course, the best way to do that is to get up in the tree and have a good look.

Poetry Notebook


  1. Oh, her journals (and yours) are so lovely. I grew up near the beach, and this post has made me homesick for my childhood. Thank you for the watercolor video link. I have an artist who will really, really enjoy it!!

    1. I've never lived too far from the ocean although I've moved around lots. Isn't youtube so handy for things like this!

  2. Moozle's work is so lovely! Her science journal work is really top-knotch. My kids will find this very inspiring for their own science journals -- they love seeing how other kids keep their notebooks. And I'm guessing Gianna's will really like the rainbow poetry copybook as well! :)

    1. Thanks Celeste! She is always encouraged when I show her comments like this. They help temper my leanings to be more critical than encouraging at times!!

  3. Moozle's work is inspiring to me! I grew up near the water in New Zealand and had an obsession with tide pools which I'm revisiting right now while I visit family :)

    1. Nice!! N.Z. is a fabulous place for nature study - so diverse and dramatic. Enjoy your stay.