Thursday, 21 June 2018

The Woods are Lovely, Dark & Deep...Nature Study in June

We're in the throes of bathroom renovations. Outside it's been wet and cold and not conducive to bushwalking. However, the jackhammering got the better of us and outside we went. We followed our usual trail but I remembered there were some paths we hadn't explored so we decided now would be a good time to do so.
Fortunately, the tracks were quite clear, which meant less chance of picking up leeches!

We were surprised to find that this track followed our local creek but on the opposite side to that which is accessible from our place. Moozle decided to sketch a map of the area & record our sightings.

Fungi & plentiful moss & lichen
Two brush turkeys building their nest
A brown cuckoo dove
A cicada shell
A lone magpie
We heard Eastern Whipbirds call but didn't see any

June is the first month of Winter in Australia and there generally isn't a great deal happening, especially with native flowers. We did see some Bossiaca heterophylla (yellow pea flowers):

It's breeding season for the Superb Lyrebird. A lovely living book (unfortunately it's out of print) for younger children about this bird is, Silvertail: The Story of a Lyrebird by Ina Watson.

Bracket fungi

Last month, Moozle completed a free six week Natural Illustration course offered online by which I wrote about here.
One of her assignments was on 'form drawing' and she drew this possum. She wasn't happy with the area between the body & the tail but she was a lot happier with her final assignment - a drawing of our cat. This took her a few days of trying to get the fur right.

It's a pretty good likeness of His Royal Highness

Moss & Lichen

'...we are an overwrought generation, running to nerves as a cabbage runs to seed; and every hour spent in the open is a clear gain, tending to the increase of brain power and bodily vigour, and to the lengthening of life itself.'

Charlotte Mason, Home Education, Pg. 42

A break in the weather - lessons out of doors

Cicada shell


Amy Marie said...

Your title thrilled me to the bones, Carol. I love the woods. We live on fields more so than woods, but we have them all around us. This is a gorgeous, inspiring post!

Aflyonmyhomeschoolwall said...

Your nature studies inspire me to my very core. Your daughter's drawings are lovely!!!

My Super Star got leeches once. It was so gross pulling them carefully off!!!

Ruthiella said...

Love the cat portrait and am sure his highness approves. :)

Your possums are much cuter than ours!

cleopatra said...

I LOVE seeing your nature studies!! So inspiring! Keep them coming .... please !

Carol said...

Thanks, Amy :)

Carol said...

Hi Anne, I hadn't seen leeches until we moved here. We've become used to them now & usually carry some salt to sprinkle on them if we're out in the bush & it's wet. It's not very comforting to see them hanging on to you knowing they're filling up on your blood!

Carol said...

Ruthiella, I just had a look at a photo of the possums you have - ours are very different. I've often heard yours referred to as opossums but wasn't sure if they were the same. They are both marsupials & that's about as close as it gets.

Carol said...

Cleo! So good to see your comment. Hope everything is going well for you :)

Ruth said...

Your nature studies inspire me. I've been saving my samples, but I've got to start that habit of adding them to my journals!!!

Beautiful woods, too.

Carol said...

Thanks, Ruth. I'd love to see you do some nature study posts!

Celeste said...

That nature journal entry is stunning!