Home Education

Starting Out With Home Education: Advice to a Young Mother

Notes From A Charlotte Mason Workshop - These are some topics/questions I addressed at a CM workshop I ran at the 2017 Mum Heart Conference at Newcastle in June 2017.

Home education - some thoughts partly from a large family perspective but mostly applicable to any size family.

Home-schooling Boys Through High School - our experience; some pitfalls to avoid.

Ten Things to Make Time For

Graduating From Homeschool - includes a Year 10 equivalent for a 16 year old boy entering a trade.

Some considerations  - some thoughts on book substitutions and other things when adapting Ambleside Online.

The following were articles I wrote and were posted on 31 Days of CM Myths at Afterthoughts:

Myth: Charlotte Mason Doesn't Work for High School

Myth: Charlotte Mason Means You Never use a Textbook...Ever

Plutarch - written for the 31 Days of Charlotte Mason at Afterthoughts

The following is a list of posts I've written on adjusting Ambleside Online for use in Australia. The major changes have been in Years 4 and 9 where I've substituted much of the History & some Geography selections. In other years I've added our own Natural History choices, Australian artists & folksongs.

Year 1
Year 2
Year 3

Starting written narrations with a 9 year old. Here & here

Folksongs year 3 & 9 time period

Year 4

A review of the year here;  A Peek at a Week; Year 4 exam.

Year 5 - Australian substitutions - History & Biography
Year 5 - Written narration samples

Year 6

Year 7 - Poetry & creative narrations; History & folksongs

Year 8

Year 9 - Overview

Part 1- a comparative chronology (an overview of what's happening in the rest of the world at the time we're studying Australia)
Part 2 - Australian History & Geography
Part 3  - A weekly schedule for Term 1 

A Condensed Year 9 & 10 - 1700's to 1800's

Years 11 & 12

Using Books - some books we've used in our home.

20+ Years of Family Read Aloud Chapter Books


Mel said...

No suggestions for AO5?

Carol said...

I've just added some, Mel.

Shona Archer said...

Hi Carol,

I have lost your email which I meant to reply to ages ago. So Sorry. Am using many of your Year 6 suggestions this year. Just been doing some holiday reading myself and found some neat Australian history books - 'Tyranny of Distance' by Geoffrey Blainey - storied version of history and eminently readable and explained many things in Australian history for the first time for me - probably yr 11/12. Also 'Boy from Cumeroogunga' by Mavis Thorpe Clarke (famous Australian Children's author) as almost the only book I could find on either a missionary to Aboriginals or an Aboriginal Christian - written for children.



Carol said...

So good to hear from you Shona! I have an email link at the top of the blog but I think I was using my ipad email address which is different. I'll send you an email on that later on. I haven't read either of those books so thanks for the recommendations. My dd took me to a great bookshop in the city last weekend - I could have stayed there all day. Hope you & your family are well. X

jeet Joil said...

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