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For those of you who have students who are serious about art I recommend Masterpiece Society's Art School excellent lessons for learning about various media. We used them in the high school years.


Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish is a newish curriculum that is ideal to use with very young children and beyond. It may all be done orally and is easy to use and very economical. My review may be found here.

Masterpiece Society and Charlotte Mason Simple Spanish are affiliate links. If you purchase using my links I will receive a small compensation. 

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2020 Australian Homeschooling Summit

Although this online summit is hosted in Australian, there are plenty of workshops that would be appreciated by homeschoolers anywhere. I presented three workshops at this event:

* Charlotte Mason for Beginners
* Helping Your Child Love Writing
* Q & A Session.

The following were guest posts I wrote for 31 Days of CM Myths at Afterthoughts:


Melissa said...

No suggestions for AO5?

Carol said...

I've just added some, Mel.

Unknown said...

Hi Carol,

I have lost your email which I meant to reply to ages ago. So Sorry. Am using many of your Year 6 suggestions this year. Just been doing some holiday reading myself and found some neat Australian history books - 'Tyranny of Distance' by Geoffrey Blainey - storied version of history and eminently readable and explained many things in Australian history for the first time for me - probably yr 11/12. Also 'Boy from Cumeroogunga' by Mavis Thorpe Clarke (famous Australian Children's author) as almost the only book I could find on either a missionary to Aboriginals or an Aboriginal Christian - written for children.



Carol said...

So good to hear from you Shona! I have an email link at the top of the blog but I think I was using my ipad email address which is different. I'll send you an email on that later on. I haven't read either of those books so thanks for the recommendations. My dd took me to a great bookshop in the city last weekend - I could have stayed there all day. Hope you & your family are well. X