Keeping Christmas Update

This post follows on from two I did previously: 1 & 2. We're continuing to listen to Handel's Messiah. I found an easier way to follow along if you don't have the CD - check the number of each section and google Handel's Messiah No. 38 (or whatever number you are up to) There are heaps of YouTube videos covering various sections. It's more time consuming than a CD but it's free.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens - loving this. We've just finished reading Stave 4 - The Last of the Spirits. There's a good Kindle version of the book here - illustrated by Arthur Rackham. I was so pleased to have Nancy from the Netherlands, on other side of the world, join us in listening to Handel's Messiah over December as well as reading through A Christmas Carol. She has shared her very insightful thoughts on both Handel's music and Dickens' book at her blog, ipsofactodotme.


Woodburning practice while listening to me read aloud the book above:

I've added a couple of Carols this year but we're still listening to our favourites from other years.

Also known as the Carol of the Drum:

If you're interested in how much the 12 Days of Christmas items actually cost...

 My wonderful sister-in-law is coming over next week to do some Christmas cooking with the youngest two and I'll be making my specialties - fruitcake, carob balls and fruit logs. My arm's being twisted to also make some Scottish tablet but it's lethal stuff. I'll annoy everyone and come up with a healthy version, which of course won't taste anything like the real thing.


Anonymous said…
Thank you so much for your kinds words about my participation in your Christmas Spirit Challenge!
It is truly a wonderful experience. I have learned so much about music, Handel, Baroque, oratorios and ghosts! I finished comments for day 16 and am excited about Friday...finally the Hallelujah Chorus!
Scottish tablet: we call it 'borstplat' here in the Netherlands. So much sugar.... but as the Scottish say "a wee bit of heaven too."!
Carol said…
My pleasure, Nancy.
So you have tablet in the Netherlands. A dentist once told me the Scots have one of the highest rates of dental decay in the world; which makes sense if you put tablet into the equation.
Anonymous said…
Handel is back for his morning cup of java (coffee). He explains the 'structure' of The Messiah. He also answers my question What is an aria? Comments day 17-18
Anonymous said…
Hallelujah! I've waited 19 days to listen to this magnificant chorus...comments!
Unknown said…
It sounds like you're having a wonderful week preparing for Christmas! I usually read aloud to the children over lunch, but it never occurred to be to read aloud to them while wood burning. That's a wonderful idea!