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A new find on our nature walk:

Cassinia denticulata

Beauty & Wonder...first time Uncle & Aunty

Anatomy & Physiology



Old Man Banksia Tree

Nature Notebook

Outside work 

A Latin lesson 

First rose of the season

Physics experiments

The Wonder Book of Chemistry by Jean Henri Fabre - Experiments with the Breath

The Grammar of Poetry - we've been looking at metaphors. This page has fifteen Biblical metaphors.

A drawing narration from a chapter of The Once & Future King - Morgan le Fay's Castle Chariot which was made of food:

'It rose from its lake of milk in a mystic light of its own - in a greasy, buttery glow...'


Moozle continues with scrapbooking, stamping and cardmaking. She made a photo album for her older sister's baby but I forgot to get a photo - she gets ideas from Jennifer McGuire Ink & Sweet Bio Design. Today she made a whole stack of various cards - birthday, Christmas, Get Well etc and yesterday she made this desk calendar:

Picture Study

Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840) is the artist we're currently studying. I didn't know anything about him and would have overlooked his work completely but I saw he was on the Ambleside Online artist's rotation and so decided to have a look at his work. A German Romantic artist, his work is atmospheric and moody, and we're enjoying spending some time studying his lovely art. We're doing some of the pictures AO recommends and adding in others we like:

 Wanderer Above the Mist, 1817-1818

 Cross in the Mountains, (detail) 1808

The Monk by the Sea, 1808-1810

On Board a Sailing Ship, 1819

Woman at the Window, 1822

Chalk Cliffs on Rugen, 1818-19

Morning, 1820-21

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Amy Marie said…
As always, just lovely! I am in LOVE with that artist. Swoon. I've seen a couple of those pieces before but now I'm going to dig more. Thank you for sharing. <3
That is almost too much beauty to take in . . . lately I'm so hungry for beauty! I do have it in my days! I'm not complaining. But I enjoyed sampling some of your beauty, too.
Brian Joseph said…
These are wonderful pictures all around.

It looks like you had a great walk. Your granddaughter is very cute.

Have a great week!
Carol said…
His paintings have such an ethereal quality. So glad I stumbled upon him at AO!
Carol said…
Thanks Brian. We go back to this walk regularly & have often come across unusual plants.
Celeste said…
Congratulations to your family, Carol!! I'm not sure if I already extended my congrats elsewhere (new mama brain!), but I have been thinking of you and am so pleased about the sweet bundle that joined your family. You must all be thrilled.

The notebooks are just so wonderful. The science diagrams and the experiment write-ups are particularly helpful to me. I am so grateful that you share!
Carol said…
Thank you, Celeste. Yes we are thrilled. Thanks for keeping on with the Keeping!