Picture Study - Winslow Homer: American Artist 1836-1910

The Sun will not rise or set without my notice and thanks.
-Winslow Homer

The Lifeline (1884)

Fox Hunt (1893)

Fresh Eggs (1874)

The Gale (1883-18930

The New Novel ( 1877)

The Fog Warning (1885)

The Sharp Shooter (1863)

Snap the Whip(1872)

A Basket of Clams (1873)

Breezing Up (1873-1876)

The Gulf Stream (1899)

Winslow Homer is mostly known by his maritime scenes but he was also an illustrator and spent time on the front during the Civil War making drawings of everyday life there.

See the home and studio at Maine where Winslow Homer lived and worked and found inspiration for his maritime paintings.